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Challenge Accepted

Providing detailed accounts and philosophies generated from unique experiences scripted within the pages of Challenge Accepted where I hope it may serve a young generation in their own journey of self-actualization.

The clock is always ticking. Life doesn't wait. Opportunity doesn't come at a convenient time. Your objectives do not always come with a checklist or instruction manual. A mentor or guru isn't always going to be available to direct and motivate you. Leadership will fail you at times. At times, your peers or teammates will be the very ones encouraging the "can't-do" or "Don't want to" attitude. So, What Are We To Do? 

I searched high and low for material to help me as I was thrust into management and bestowed the responsibility of fellow human beings.  I listened intently to every motivational speaker and read material on leadership. With all the material I digested and experienced over the past decade, there is a void. A critical piece that has received little to no recognition concerning developing young leaders and building a resilient team. Scared Rising is here to fill that void.  It’s here to identify those small critical elements within young, aspiring leaders and provides some direction. It’s here to illustrate philosophies that will build a resilient team. It embodies critical developmental elements for any person to acquire courage for themselves, allowing them to break out of their own comfort zone to achieve success and happiness.

You’re going to enjoy this story!

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For anyone wanting to know more about military and Navy life or for those in the Navy, this is an amazing read! Billy does a great job of explaining military life and lessons he learned so that they are relatable for all audiences. This is an inside look into enlisted Sailor life and the hardships, struggles and sacrifices that each Sailor makes every day for their country. This book also teaches you leadership and life skills that can be utilized in any work force. His writing is deeply personal, and you feel like you are with him through every step of his journey in the Navy. You feel his disappointments. You feel his triumphs. I highly recommend this book! I couldn't put it down until I finished it!