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After searching high and low for material to help me as I was thrust into management and bestowed the responsibility of fellow human beings. With all the material I digested and experiences over the past decade, there is a void. A critical piece that has received little to no recognition concerning developing young leaders and building a resilient team.


Scared Rising is here to fill that void. 

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BPI Estate Services


-Notary/Loan Signing Agent

-Property Management

-Project Mngt.


-Property Acquisitions


-Real Estate Agent

-Pressure Washing

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Mobile Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent here to ensure your notary needs are met quickly and effectively so that no signature goes unwasted. 

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Dive Equip.

Are you a diver who feels they need an extra hand with equipment on a dive to hold the camera or torch? 

Want to eliminate that anxious feeling of dropping equipment when retrieving/stowing equipment?

Our Dive Sleeve has the solution.


Check out our introductory video of our Patent Pending product by clicking the image below.  


Not Scuba Certified?

      ...Join the Fun!!!

We'll see you in the water.


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Box IV specializes in muscular endurance training. Testing is designed to derive the competitive spirit from individuals allowing the participant to increase their own physical output and mental discipline; thus results. 


Fitness and physical conditioning are part of who we are and a great outlet for people.  After reading SCARED RISING you will know the value we have on physical exercise, however so many don't know where to start or lack general direction.  

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