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A rare account from within the enlisted Navy ranks.

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What is Scared Rising?

The clock is always ticking. Life doesn't wait. Opportunity doesn't come at a convenient time. Your objectives do not always come with a check-list or instruction manual. A mentor or guru isn't always going to be available to direct and motivate you. Leadership will fail you at times. At times, your peers or teammates will be the very ones encouraging the "can't-do" or "Don't want to" attitude. So, What Are We To Do? 

I searched high and low for material to help me as I was thrust into management and bestowed the responsibility of fellow human beings.  I listened intently to every motivational speaker and read material on leadership. With all the material I digested and experiences over the past decade, there is a void. A critical piece that has received little to no recognition concerning developing young leaders and building a resilient team. Scared Rising is here to fill that void.  It’s here to identify those small critical elements within young, aspiring leaders and provides some direction. It’s here to illustrate philosophies that will build a resilient team. It embodies critical developmental elements for any person to acquire the courage for themselves, allowing them to break out of their own comfort zone to achieve success and happiness.

You’re going to enjoy this story!

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For anyone wanting to know more about military and Navy life or for those in the Navy, this is an amazing read! Billy does a great job of explaining military life and lessons he learned so that they are relatable for all audiences. This is an inside look into enlisted Sailor life and the hardships, struggles and sacrifices that each Sailor makes every day for their country. This book also teaches you leadership and life skills that can be utilized in any work force. His writing is deeply personal, and you feel like you are with him through every step of his journey in the Navy. You feel his disappointments. You feel his triumphs. I highly recommend this book! I couldn't put it down until I finished it!

- LT E. Chambers, USN


The Author

Billy Four

Born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina, Billy was a high school scholar and athlete in both football and baseball. He attended East Carolina University in 2006 as a Sport Studies and Business student who also served as an official representative of the Alumni Association as an East Carolina Ambassador.  Billy is also a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He was retained for spring training as a walk-on for ECU varsity football in 2009 before graduating in 2010. 

Post-graduation, Billy worked in ticket sales for his home state’s NFL franchise. He also worked as a fitness consultant and personal trainer for a local gym in downtown Charlotte before enlisting in the U.S. Navy as a Special Warfare candidate. 

Billy served aboard the USS IWO JIMA (LHD-7) deployed to the Middle East and continues to serve as an Air Traffic Control First Class Petty Officer at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida where he also obtained a Master of Public Administration: Business and Government Policy degree from Liberty University in 2020


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Our Mission

Give Forward

Hello Everyone!  I hope you've ordered your copy of Scared Rising where you can witness my successes and struggles within the military ranks and apply these aspects to your own life and career.  If you have further questions about building your team or general questions about Navy life, feel free to Contact Us.

On that topic, military life is more than “service,” it's a sacrifice that very few people understand.  When a service member returns home to the great U.S. of A., the battles are done. A critical element missing among veterans when returning states-side or discharged is their comrades and The Mission.

As military life takes so much, it gives a lot in return.  Our Mission is to keep giving back. Scared Rising contains so many aspects of life that have developed me as a person and it is our mission to acknowledge, build awareness, and give back!

IV Ventures and Apparel offers attire that will help support and generate awareness for non-profit organizations such as St. Jude, Fisher House Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, Navy Seal Foundation, NAUI Green Diver Initiative, Stop Soldier Suicide, Folded Flag Foundation, or Elevate Life Church: Above & Beyond.  Shirt designs will be paired with a respective charity and 30% of profits will be donated!

Find a Cause, Find a Purpose, Find a Path…and Rise!

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